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Table 1 Comparison of rosettR with other available tools in the literature

From: rosettR: protocol and software for seedling area and growth analysis

Tool Input Rosette detection Data analysis Easy in house setup Multiple traits References
Easy leaf area Single Automatic No Yes No [22]
Black spot Single NA No Yes No [23]
Rosette tracker Single/multiple Manuala No Yes Yes [41]
Phenotyping pipeline for Arabidopsis Single Automatic Yes No No [42]
rosettR Multiple Automatic Yes Yes No This study
  1. Input is in all cases images of seedlings. Some software can handle multiple seedlings in the same image (single/multiple). All tools mentioned are free/open source software. With data analysis is meant if the software includes calculation of statistics to allow inference of genotype/treatment effects directly
  2. aRosette tracker is automated when there is only one seedling per image. With more, the user must keep track of identity of seedlings interactively