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Fig. 7

From: The Microphenotron: a robotic miniaturized plant phenotyping platform with diverse applications in chemical biology

Fig. 7

Histochemical stating for GUS expression in three transgenic reporter lines. Seed of each line (DR5::GUS and ARR5::GUS) was germinated and grown in the Phytostrips for 6–7 days. Hormone treatments were applied by adding concentrated stock solutions of a IAA or b kinetin to the nutrient medium in the microtitre plates and the plates were returned to the growth room for 24 h. To initiate staining for GUS activity in the roots, the nutrient medium in the microtitre plates was simply replaced with 200 µl assay solution containing X-Gluc (see "Methods" section). The Phytostrips were then incubated in the dark at 29o for 24 h to allow time for the components of the assay solution to diffuse into the gel and for staining of the roots to develop. Images of the roots were captured using the robotic imaging system

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