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Fig. 3

From: The Microphenotron: a robotic miniaturized plant phenotyping platform with diverse applications in chemical biology

Fig. 3

Robotically captured images of Arabidopsis seedlings growing in the Microphenotron. Clusters of 5–7 seed were sown on the surface of each gel-filled well of the Phytostrips and the assay plates incubated in the growth room under standard conditions (as described in "Methods"). a Image of one Phytostrip taken with the overhead camera showing shoots of seedlings 11 days after transfer to the growth room. b Image showing roots of the same seedlings as in a taken with the side camera. c A daily time series showing the stages of germination and growth of shoots and roots in a single well of the Phytostrip, starting 3 days after transfer to the growth room. The red dotted lines illustrate the quadrants into which the root images were divided as part of the automated image analysis (see Fig. 5 and associated text)

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