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Table 2 Methods implemented for the analyses in each environment

From: Predicting grain yield using canopy hyperspectral reflectance in wheat breeding data

Method Data Model Method Data Model
M1 RNDVI Model 1 M11 All bands with 5PC Model 4
M2 GNDVI Model 1 M12 All bands with 10PC Model 4
M3 SRa Model 1 M13 All bands with 20PC Model 4
M4 RARSa Model 1 M14 All bands with 35PC Model 4
M5 RARSb Model 1 M15 All bands with 45PC Model 4
M6 RARSc Model 1 M16 All bands with 55PC Model 4
M7 NPQI Model 1 M17 All bands Model 5
M8 PRI Model 1 M18 All bands Model 6
M9 All indices Model 2 M19 All bands Model 7
M10 All bands Model 3