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Table 3 Comparison of default fields in the Study file in Basic, Field and Greenhouse ISA-Tab configurations

From: Measures for interoperability of phenotypic data: minimum information requirements and formatting

Basic Field Greenhouse
Source Name Source Name Source Name
Characteristics[Organism] Characteristics[Organism] Characteristics[Organism]
Characteristics[Infraspecific name] Characteristics[Infraspecific name] Characteristics[Infraspecific name]
Characteristics[Seed origin] Characteristics[Seed origin] Characteristics[Seed origin]
Characteristics[Study start] Characteristics[Study start] Characteristics[Study start]
Characteristics[Study duration] Characteristics[Study duration] Characteristics[Study duration]
Characteristics[Growth facility] Characteristics[Growth facility] Characteristics[Growth facility]
Characteristics[Geographic location] Characteristics[Geographic location] Characteristics[Geographic location]
  Protocol REF[Rooting] Protocol REF[Rooting]
   Parameter Value[Rooting medium]  Parameter Value[Rooting medium]
    Parameter Value[Container type]
    Parameter Value[Container volume]
   Parameter Value[Plot size]  Parameter Value[Container dimension]
   Unit  Unit
   Parameter Value[Sowing density]  Parameter Value[Number of plants per container]
   Parameter Value[pH]  Parameter Value[pH]
  Protocol REF[Aerial conditions] Protocol REF[Aerial conditions]
   Parameter Value[Air humidity]  Parameter Value[Air humidity]
   Parameter Value[Daily photon flux]  Parameter Value[Daily photon flux]
   Parameter Value[Length of light period]  Parameter Value[Length of light period]
   Parameter Value[Day temperature]  Parameter Value[Day temperature]
   Parameter Value[Night temperature]  Parameter Value[Night temperature]
  Protocol REF[Nutrition] Protocol REF[Nutrition]
   Parameter Value[N before fertilisation]  Parameter Value[N before fertilisation]
   Parameter Value[Type of fertiliser]  Parameter Value[Type of fertiliser]
   Parameter Value[Amount of fertiliser]  Parameter Value[Amount of fertiliser]
  Protocol REF[Watering] Protocol REF[Watering]
   Parameter Value[Irrigation type]  Parameter Value[Irrigation type]
   Parameter Value[Volume]  Parameter Value[Volume]
   Parameter Value[Frequency]  Parameter Value[Frequency]
  Protocol REF[Sampling] Protocol REF[Sampling]
   Parameter Value[Experimental unit]  Parameter Value[Experimental unit]
Sample Name Sample Name Sample Name