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Table 2 Mapping of essential MIAPPE attributes to ISA-Tab structures in Phenotyping Configuration: Basic, Field and Greenhouse

From: Measures for interoperability of phenotypic data: minimum information requirements and formatting

Checklist section ISA-Tab level Checklist attribute ISA-Tab structure Basic Field Greenhouse
General metadata Investigation Unique identifier  
Timing and location Study Timing
 Start of experiment (date)
 Duration (days/months/year)
Experiment location
 Geographic location
Biosource Study Organism (taxon) Characteristics
Infraspecific name
Seed origin
Environment Study Growth facility (growth chamber, GC/greenhouse, GH/open top chamber, OTC/experimental garden/field) Characteristics
Aerial conditions
 Air humidity (moisture)
 Daily photon flux (light intensity)
 Temperature (°C):
  Average day temperature
   Average night temperature
Protocol “Aerial conditions” with parameters  
Rooting conditions
 Rooting medium: aeroponics/hydroponics (water-based, solid-media based)/soil type (sand, peat, clay, mixed, etc.)
 For field:
  Plot size
  Sowing density
 For greenhouse:
  Container type
  Container volume
  Container dimensions
  Number of plants per container
Protocol “Rooting” with parameters  
 For soil:
  Extractable N content per unit ground area before fertiliser added
  Type and amount of fertiliser added,
Protocol “Nutrition” with parameters  
 For soil:
  Range in water potential (MPa)
  Irrigation from top/bottom/drip irrigation
Protocol “Watering” with parameters  
Treatments Study or Assay All interventions being part of the experiment Factor or Protocol with parameters  
Experimental design Study Experimental units and their grouping (into blocks, superblocks etc.) Characteristics, Factor, Protocol “Sampling” with parameters  
Sample collection, processing, management Assay Plant body of interest (organ) Characteristics
Observational variables Assay Phenotypic variables
Environmental variables
Observations Assay Raw data Raw data file
Derived data Derived data file
  1. —included in the ISA-Tab configuration; □—not included in the configuration, specific per experiment