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Table 4 Calculated vegetation indices for each cameras, based on their spectral bands and correlation between vegetation index values extracted from UAS imagery and band equivalent reflectance values from Spectroradiometer

From: Application of unmanned aerial systems for high throughput phenotyping of large wheat breeding nurseries

Index Formula Correlation
Canon S100 MultiSpec 4C
NDVI \(\frac{NIR - Red}{NIR + Red}\) 0.33
GNDVI \(\frac{NIR - Green}{NIR + Green}\) 0.68 0.63
RENDVI \(\frac{NIR - Red\_edge}{NIR + Red\_edge}\) 0.64
ENDVI \(\frac{NIR + Green - 2*Blue}{NIR + Green + 2*Blue}\) 0.54
GIPVI \(\frac{NIR }{NIR + Green}\) 0.59
  1. The values from Canon S100 values are before applying modified empirical line correction method
  2. GNDVI values for Canon S100, and RENDVI for MultiSpec 4C have higher correlation with spectroradiometer compoare to other vegetation indices (shown in italics font)