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Table 2 Flight information using IRIS+ (multirotor) and eBee Ag (fixed wing) UASs, on May 6, 2015, at CIMMYT, Cd Obregon, Mexico

From: Application of unmanned aerial systems for high throughput phenotyping of large wheat breeding nurseries

Camera Platform (UAS) Flight speed (m/s) Altitude (m) Percent overlap No. of images Image format Spatial resolution (cm)
Side (%) Forward (%)
Modified Canon S100 IRIS+ 2 30 75 75 144 RAW (16 bits TIFF)a 0.8
MultiSPEC 4C eBee Ag 10 48 75 75 40 10 bits TIFF 5
  1. aRAW images of Canon S100 were converted to 16 bits TIFF imagery after pre-processing in Canon Digital Photo Professional software (DPP)