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Table 4 Response of two weed species cultivated either in RhizoTubes or pots

From: RhizoTubes as a new tool for high throughput imaging of plant root development and architecture: test, comparison with pot grown plants and validation

  Response of root dry matter to soil-nitrogen Response of leaf area to soil-nitrogen
 Pot 3.48 ± 0.87 (A) 3.95 ± 0.56 (A)
 RhizoTube 2.47 ± 0.39 (A) 2.21 ± 0.31 (B)
 Pot 1.08 ± 0.28 (A) 2.33 ± 0.36 (A)
 RhizoTube 1.08 ± 0.26 (A) 1.42 ± 0.36 (B)
  1. Response of root biomass and plant leaf area to soil-nitrogen for two weed species (rapeseed and Vulpia) cultivated either in RhizoTubes or pots was assessed by the ratio of the trait value at high soil-nitrogen to the trait value at low soil-nitrogen (mean value ± S.E., n = 5). Trait values were measured 51 days after sowing. Plant leaves and roots were separated and their biomasses were measured as in “Methods”. Leaf area was measured with a leaf area meter. Different capital letters in parentheses indicate significant differences between traits measured in RhizoTube or in pot for P < 0.05 (*)