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Fig. 6

From: High-throughput quantification of more than 100 primary- and secondary-metabolites, and phytohormones by a single solid-phase extraction based sample preparation with analysis by UHPLC–HESI–MS/MS

Fig. 6

Herbivory-induced changes in metabolite levels in N. attenuata leaves. Changes in various plant metabolites 1 h and 2 days after wounding with a fabric pattern wheel and immediate application of M. sexta oral secretions to the puncture wounds (W + OS 1 h, grey bars and W + OS 2 days, black bars, respectively), as well as in untreated control leaves (Control white bars). The results for the other measured metabolites are shown in Additional file 1: Table S24. Error bars are ±SE (n = 10). *Scopoline levels are only relative quantified. LOD limit of detection, FW fresh weight

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