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Fig. 2

From: Solanum venturii, a suitable model system for virus-induced gene silencing studies in potato reveals StMKK6 as an important player in plant immunity

Fig. 2

Systemic PVYNTN infection of selected clones. PVYNTN RNA concentration in samples is presented relative to the sample with lowest detected viral amount. Relative PVYNTN RNA content in selected clones 14 dpi after PVY infection (PVY, orange dots) and 14 dpi after PVY infection with prior agroinfiltration with empty TRV vector (PVY + TRV, blue dots). Each dot represents the data from individual plant. Three and five plants were originally infected in PVY and PVY + TRV group, respectively. In the case that the PVYNTN RNA was not detected in some of the samples, the corresponding number of dots is lower. *Statistically significant difference in relative PVYNTN RNA content due to agroinfiltration with empty TRV vector (compared between treatments of same genotype). Detailed results of statistical analysis are given in Additional file 5. BLB, Solanum bulbocastanum; HJT, Solanum hjertingii; JAM, Solanum jamesii; LES, Solanum lesteri; MCQ, Solanum mochiquense; OKA, Solanum okadae; PLT, Solanum polytrichon; PTA, Solanum papita; SPEC, Solanum species; VNT, Solanum venturii

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