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Fig. 5

From: Protocol: a method to study the direct reprogramming of lateral root primordia to fertile shoots

Fig. 5

Confocal time lapse imaging during LRP to shoot conversion. ad Time-lapse imaging showing PLT2-vYFP expression during the conversion of LRP to shoot. Note the down-regulation of PLT2-vYFP during the development of shoot meristem. eh Dynamic expression pattern of pSCR::H2B-vYFP during the conversion of root to shoot. il Live imaging showing STM-vYFP expression during the shoot conversion. l Note the appearance of STM-vYFP in the nascent shoot meristem. mp Spatiotemporal expression pattern of pWUS::erCFP. p Note the rapid upregulation of pWUS::erCFP upon cytokinin treatment. Arrowhead in (d, h, l, p) marks leaf primordium. Red signal is propidium iodide stain in (a, b, e, f, i, j, m, n) and FM4-64 stain in the remaining. Scale bar 50 µm

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