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Fig. 4

From: Protocol: transient expression system for functional genomics in the tropical tree Theobroma cacao L.

Fig. 4

Transformation of eight cacao genotypes. a Photograph showing stage C leaves selected from eight cacao genotypes. Some genotype identifiers are abbreviated: Sca6 Scavina 6, Criollo B97-61/B2, ICS1 Imperial College Selection 1. Scale bar represents 5 mm. bh Representative images of EGFP coverage 48 h after agrobacterium infiltration using the eight genotypes shown in panel a. Scale bars represent 1 mm. b Sca6; c CCN51; d CF2; e Criollo; f ICS1; g GU255; h PA107; i TSH1188. j Bar graph depicting transformation efficiency expressed as a percentage of that calculated for Scavina 6 samples. Error bars represent standard deviation calculated from three biological replicates

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