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Table 4 Mining LEAFDATA for increased leaf size phenotype

From: LEAFDATA: a literature-curated database for Arabidopsis leaf development

AGI Phenotype Gene expression Process
AT4G36380 The rot3-2 allele causes enlarged leaf blades (10430960) Leaves, epidermis, palisade tissue, and the spongy layer (10430960) Cell elongation (11889033, 9694802)
Elongation of leaves (10430960)
Longitudinal cell expansion (17038516)
AT1G56010 35S::NAC1 overexpressing lines … were bigger (11114891) Leaf primordia, nucleus, low levels in leaves (11114891) transcriptional activator (11114891)
AT3G59900 35S-ARGOS … lines showed an enlarged … leaf size (12566580) Young rosette leaves, juvenile leaf … petioles, juvenile leaf blades, cytosol, nucleus, leaf primordia (12953103)
Juvenile leaves (16824178)
ER-localized (21457262)
Controls later organ growth by affecting the duration of cell proliferation (16824178)
AT5G62000 Homozygous plants of the arf2-6 … have … large … rosette leaves (15960614) ARF2 is expressed in all major plant organs including roots, rosette and cauline leaves, flowers and siliques (15960614, 16339187) Leaf development during leaf expansion (16176952)
Repressor (18599455)
Negative regulator of the BR pathway (18599455)
AT3G13960 AtGRF5 overexpressers … developed leaves that were 20–30 % larger than those of the wild type (15960617) Low in mature stems and leaves, shoot tips containing the shoot apical meristem (SAM) (12974814)
Primordium, restricted to the lower half of the leaf primordium, undetectable in mature leaves (15960617)
Promoting … cell proliferation, promoting leaf growth (15960617)
AT1G17110 UBP15 over-expression lines revealed larger overall stature of the plants as well as larger rosette leaves (18485060) Higher in rosette leaves, increased from the early to late leaf stages, with higher expression in the leaf margin in the late stage, present in both the cytosol and nucleus (18485060) De-ubiquitinating enzyme (18485060)
AT4G18390 TCP2 … Loss-of-function … had … slightly enlarged leaves (18816164)   
AT4G22270 AtMRB1 overexpressor plants … exhibited enlarged organ sizes (19200151) Shoot tips and shoot apical meristems (SAM), young leaves (19200151)  
AT4G29040 rpt2a-2 mutant … displayed a phenotype of enlarged rosette leaves (19500299) SAM, all the organs that we tested (flower bud, stem, leaf and root) (15073153)
All organs tested, trichomes, expanded cotyledons, vascular cells, shoot meristem (19500299)
Proteasome activity (15073153)
AT3G44200 At the flowering stage, the two NEK6-overexpressing lines exhibited … larger rosette than Col (21801253) Leaves, young leaves, mature rosette leaves, vascular tissues, petioles (21801253) Stress response, rosette growth, suppresses expression of several ethylene biosynthesis (21801253)
  1. Ten representative phenotype records were chosen from the keyword query for the terms size_PATO:0000586 and increased size_PATO:0000117. Subsequently, gene expression, process and regulation of biological process statements were collected from specific AGI searches. PubMed IDs of the parent publications are shown in brackets