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Table 2 Phenotype annotation exported from Leaf Knowtator

From: LEAFDATA: a literature-curated database for Arabidopsis leaf development

Database columns Entries
File 21401745.txt.knowtator.xml
Class Phenotype
Annotator Dora Szakonyi, LEAFDATA
Spanned text The rid2-1 mutant was temperature sensitive for seedling growth as well as for callus formation. In rid2-1 seedlings grown at 22 °C, the true leaves were pointed
Annotated text Genotype ID = rid2-1|Property Slot = NULL|Value ID = pointed|Plant part ID = leaves
Growth condition  
Developmental stage  
Plant part leaf_PO:0025034
Property shape_PATO:0000052
Value pointed_PATO:0002258
Gene expression  
Gene studied  
Interaction type  
Protein studied  
Interactor protein  
Gene target  
Genetic interactor  
DNA target  
Genotype ID mutated gene_MI:0804
Genotype details Gene ID = AT5G57280 | Genotype_Zygosity = homozygous diploid _APO:0000229 | Mutant LOF_GOF ID = loss of function_APO:0000011
  1. In LEAFDATA, a complex range of information is attached to each displayed statements deposited as spanned text. Different classes have distinct predefined slots however records are converted into a single table. Database columns corresponds to all available Leaf Knowtator slots. File, Annotator, Spanned text and Annotated text information is automatically added to curated statements