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Table 3 Promoter:GUS activity in 14 dpi nodules

From: Inoculation insensitive promoters for cell type enriched gene expression in legume roots and nodules

Promoter Line name Total plant # Mature nodules (GUS+/total) Immature nodules (GUS+/total)
pLeExt1 LIG29-2 33 0/134 0/63
pAtCortex CoG11-6 16 62/62 48/48
pAtE29 29G4b-5 19 69/69 24a/25
pAtS13 13G26b-28 25 131/131 12b/30
pAtS18 XG5A-5 32 c/127 c/57
Control vector NEG15B-5 34 0/134 0/49
  1. aStaining in immature nodules of this line followed the extent of the vascular bundles. Where these had not developed staining was limited to the nodule bases
  2. bImmature nodules were unstained in early stages but showed increasing degrees of GUS staining towards reaching maturity
  3. cStaining was difficult to trace reliably based on stereolupe inspection, so no number is provided here
  4. GUS+, number of nodules where a GUS signal was detected. Nodules were harvested at 14 days post inoculation with Mesorhizobium loti (dpi)