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Fig. 2

From: Inoculation insensitive promoters for cell type enriched gene expression in legume roots and nodules

Fig. 2

Patterns of cell type enriched promoter activity as indicated by GUS staining are maintained following whole plant regeneration from calli using selected promoter:GUS constructs. Transgenes are ac pLeExt1:GUS (line LIG29-2); df pAtCortex:GUS (line CoG11-6); gi pAtE29:GUS (line 29G4b-5); jl pAtS13:GUS (line 13G26b-28) and mo pAtS18:GUS (line XG5A-5). Uninoculated transgenic plants were harvested 3 weeks post germination. Representative GUS stained root tips (a, d, g, j, m entire root mounts) and responsive zone fragments (b, e, h, k, n entire root mounts; c, f, i, l, o cross sections) are shown. Cross sections are 7–8 µm microtome sections of resin (Kulzer Technovit 7100) embedded roots stained with 0.1 % Ruthenium Red. Scale bars 50 µm

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