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Fig. 2

From: Automated video tracking of thrips behavior to assess host-plant resistance in multiple parallel two-choice setups

Fig. 2

Validating arena settings with improved setup. Thrips behavior was assessed both visually and with automated video tracking in 15 arenas consisting of two-choice tests with Cur-3 versus Rmx-A180 Arabidopsis accessions. a Time thrips spent on either leaf disc, or on none of them (circling around, sitting on agar), based on manual annotation. b Arena settings used for initial HapMap population screening (left panel) and improved arena settings that manually highlight only the leaf discs, with a third zone referring to agar or boundary of the arena (right panel). c Automated video-tracking data of the same 15 arenas with initial arena settings. d Automated video tracking with improved arena settings. Mean ± SE; N = 15 e Correlation of scoring of the total time spent by thrips on accession Rmx-A180 with automated video tracking using EthoVision XT (X axis) and manual annotation using The Observer XT software (Y axis)

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