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Table 1 Means of two measures of rolling: (1) the logarithm of the ratio of leaf strip length divided by the greatest diameter of the convex hull and (2) the mean curvature among rolling groups

From: “Rolled-upness”: phenotyping leaf rolling in cereals using computer vision and functional data analysis approaches

  Log (length/diagonal) Mean curvature (mm−1)
Osmotic potential of bathing solution Osmotic potential of bathing solution
−0.06 MPa −1.38 MPa −2.82 MPa −0.06 MPa −1.38 MPa −2.82 MPa
Low rollers 0.129 0.049 0.091 −0.137 −0.078 0.022
High rollers 0.163 0.275 0.683 0.120 0.159 0.452