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Table 1 Plasmids used to transform C. reinhardtii

From: TETX: a novel nuclear selection marker for Chlamydomonas reinhardtii transformation

Plasmid Promoter/terminator/#RBCS2 introns Resistance Base pairs/MW (g/mol) TE Source
AtetX HSP70A:RBCS2/RBCS2/1 Tetracycline 5238/3236640.1 6.18 This work
BtetX β-2 tubulin/COP-1/NO Tetracycline 4445/2746642.9 3.28 This work
pKs-aphVIII β-2 tubulin/COP-1/NO Paromomycin 4308/2661961.7 4.51 [38]
psP124S-ble RBCS2/RBCS2/2 Zeocin 4133/2553770 22.56 [5]
  1. Listing of plasmids used in this work with their corresponding promoter/terminator/number of RBCS2 introns, associated resistance, plasmid size, molecular weight (MW) and Transformation Efficiency (TE).