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Figure 6

From: Automated integrative high-throughput phenotyping of plant shoots: a case study of the cold-tolerance of pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Figure 6

Comparison of F V /F M (ΦPo ) values measured in A) 2nd and B) 3rd leaves by hand-operated non-imaging chlorophyll fluorometer [NICF] or chlorophyll fluorescence imaging [CFIM] part of the platform with manually extracted single leave areas. The data obtained from each leaf in TER and END genotypes were tested by the Mann–Whitney U test showing no significant differences between ΦPo determined by NICF and CFIM (p > 0.05). The values represent medians and the error bars quartiles, respectively. C) Imaging of chlorophyll fluorescence in separated leaves of both genotypes. The variable minimal fluorescence (FV), maximal fluorescence (FM) and maximal quantum yield of PSII photochemistry (ΦPo) are shown in false colour scales with relative units.

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