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Table 2 Name, origin and genetic background of the 24 wheat cultivars used in this study

From: High-throughput phenotyping of seminal root traits in wheat

Cultivar Breeding program 1 Genetic background
Babax CIMMYT Veery
Chara DPI Vic Cook/Pavon
Dharwar Dry Central India CIMMYT
Diamondbird NSW DPI Pavon
EGA Gregory EGA Pelsart/Batavia
EGA Hume EGA Pelsart/Batavia
EGA Wedgetail EGA Cook/Pavon
EGA Wentworth EGA Cook
Frame AGT Condor/Gabo
Giles QDPI Cook
Hartog QDPI Pavon
Janz QDPI Cook
Krichauff AGT Condor/Gabo
Lang QDPI Cook
Leichhardt QDPI Pavon
Petrie QDPI Pelsart/Batavia
Silverstar NSW DPI Cook/Pavon
Sunco Uni Syd Cook
Sunvale Uni Syd Cook
Ventura NSW DPI Cook/Pavon
Wyalkatchem AgWA Condor/Gabo
Yitpi AGT Condor/Gabo
  1. 1Breeding program abbreviations: Queensland Department of Primary Industries (QDPI), Department of Primary Industries Victoria (DPI Vic), Australian Grain Technologies (AGT), New South Wales Department of Primary Industry (NSW DPI), International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), Enterprise Grains Australia (EGA), Western Australia Department of Agriculture (AgWA), University of Sydney (Uni Syd).