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Figure 1

From: High-throughput phenotyping of seminal root traits in wheat

Figure 1

Genetic variation for seminal root angle and number. Box and whisker plots of (A) seminal root angle and (B) seminal root number, for the panel of 24 wheat cultivars evaluated using the clear pot and growth pouch methods. The values correspond to the average BLUPs per cultivar of the two clear pot experiments Clear_1 and Clear_2 (Clear) and the two growth pouch experiments Pouch_1 and Pouch_2 (Pouch). The seminal root number for the clear pot method was measured either via image analysis (imaged) or by counting roots after removing seedlings from soil (extracted). The bottom and the top of the boxes display the first and third quartile values for each experiment, respectively. The band inside the box displays the median and the ends of the whiskers display the minimum and maximum values.

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