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Figure 9

From: The leaf angle distribution of natural plant populations: assessing the canopy with a novel software tool

Figure 9

Field of applications. Depth maps and respective RGBs (inlay) of different experimental plant systems: Pixel disparities in the depth map are color-coded ranging from red (closer to cameras) to blue (further away); distance ranges are given in brackets: (A) trays of Arabidopsis thaliana were monitored in studies of diurnal leaf movement (≈20 m m); (B) single trees (apple orchards) were analyzed with respect to the leaf and fruit stratification; Klein-Altendorf, 2013 (≈700 m m); (C) small plot of sugar beet; case study from central experiment (Campus Klein-Altendorf); 2012, June 14 (≈500 m m); (D) small barley populations; Crop Garden experiment at FZ Juelich; 2011, July 5 (≈400 m m).

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