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Table 1 Multiple scale high-resolution imaging in plant sciences

From: Multiscale imaging of plants: current approaches and challenges

Biological scales Metric scales Imaging techniques
From molecule to cell 10 nm to 10 μm PALM-STORM [12],
   STED [13], 3DSIM [14]
From cell to organs 0.1 μm to dcm OCT [30], LSFM [17],
   X-ray PCT [16],
   confocal [18], OPT [19]
From nodules to root system μm to m Rhizotron [24,25],
   X-ray μCT [20-22]
From leaf to entire shoot mm to 10 m depth-imaging,
   LIDAR [26,27]
From shoot to canopy m to hm remote sensing,
   UAV imaging [28,29]
  1. Acronyms are explicated in Section “Multiscale high-resolution imaging in plant sciences”.