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Figure 2

From: Multiscale imaging of plants: current approaches and challenges

Figure 2

Bimodal imaging of the embryo of a dry seed of sugar beet with a low spatial resolution of 0,187 mm per isotropic voxel in MRI (A external 3D view and C medial 2D slice) and high spatial resolution of 7,84 μ m per isotropic voxel in X-ray tomography (B external 3D view and D medial 2D slice). The MRI is a spin-echo sequence giving gray-level propotional to the lipid content of the embryo. The red line in panel D is positionned manually on the X-ray at the separation between cotyledon and radicle. Red line in panel C is automatically positioned after registration of both imaging modalities with the ImageJ plugin TrakEM2 of Table 2.

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