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Table 2 Non-exhaustive list of measurements enabled by the rhizoponics setup

From: “Rhizoponics”: a novel hydroponic rhizotron for root system analyses on mature Arabidopsis thaliana plants

Organ Measurements Units Destructive
Shoot Projected rosette area cm2 No
  Rosette diameter cm No
  Rosette convex hull area cm2 No
  Leaf count - No
  Rosette fresh/dry weight g Yes
Root Projected root surface cm2 No
  Root system depth cm No
  Root system width cm No
  Root system convex hull area cm2 No
  Lateral root density root/cm No
  Length of unbranched apical root zone cm No
  Lateral root length cm No
  Microscopy analyses - Partial
  Reporter gene observation - Partial
  Root system fresh/dry weight g Yes