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Figure 5

From: Reverse transcriptase droplet digital PCR shows high resilience to PCR inhibitors from plant, soil and water samples

Figure 5

Influence of the samples spiked with serial dilutions of the chemical inhibitors on the PMMoV quantification by RT-qPCR (blue traces - diamonds) and RT-ddPCR (green traces - triangles). H, M, L, (VL), high, medium, low (and very low) concentrations of inhibitors, respectively. The PMMoV concentrations are shown relative to those in the no-inhibition control, where 100% inhibition represents total inhibition (no positive signal obtained), and 0% inhibition represents no inhibition (target concentration the same as the no-inhibition control). (A) dextran sulfate. (B) pectin. (C) tannic acid. (D) humic acid. The measurements were carried out in triplicate. Average values of the measurements for each method are connected by traces for better clarity. Asterisks (*) above each chart denote significantly (p < 0.05) different measurements, compared to 0% inhibition (no inhibition control) ± 10%; blue *for RT-qPCR and green *for RT-ddPCR.

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