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Figure 4

From: Plant genome editing made easy: targeted mutagenesis in model and crop plants using the CRISPR/Cas system

Figure 4

Generation of a chromosomal deletion by targeting two adjacent sequences within the PDS locus of Nicotiana benthamiana. A. Cartoon explaining setup of the experiment. B. Detection of deletion mutations using the AFLP analysis. Agarose gel shows PCR bands amplified across targets 1 and 2 using genomic DNA extracted from respective leaf samples. Cas9, sgRNA1 and 2 were expressed in N. benthamiana leaf tissue using the standard agroinfiltration protocol. In lane 2, Cas9/sgRNA1/sgRNA2 were expressed from three separate plasmids, while in lane 4 they were expressed from a single plasmid. C. Types of deletion mutations identified. Bottom PCR bands from lanes 2 and 4 were cloned into a high copy vector and 15 individual clones were sequenced. All clones contained deletions that can be grouped in three different types (m1-3).

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