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Table 2 Examples of social media use in the plant sciences

From: The value and use of social media as communication tool in the plant sciences

  Example Author/curator URL
Plant science news ‘Functional Biology of Plants’ Martin Hodson and John Bryant
‘Science and Plants for Schools’ Science and Plants for Schools
‘Kamoun Lab’ Kamoun Lab. The Sainsbury Laboratory
‘Cytogenomics and Epigenetics Laboratory’ Laboratory of Plant Molecular Cytogenetics, University of Sao Paulo
Plant science blogs ‘AoB Blog’ Annals of Botany
‘Weeding the Gems’ GARNet
‘All Under One Leaf’ UK Plant Sciences Federation
‘Berry Go Round’ Plant blog carnival
‘’ Anne Osterrieder
GMO Pundit David Tribe
‘The New York Botanical Garden’ New York Botanical Garden
Magazine-style ‘Arabidopsis’ GMI Vienna
‘Plant Biology Teaching Resources’ Mary Williams
‘UBC Botanical Garden’ UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research
Video, audio and photos ‘ChloroFilms’ ChloroFilms
‘Musical Cells’ Anne Osterrieder
‘Inner Worlds’ John Innes Centre
‘Plant News: audio’ Gatsby Plants
Plant microscopy Fernan Federici
Groups ‘Plant Science’ on Google+
  ‘UK Plant Sciences Federation UK Plant Sciences Federation