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Table 3 T. occidentale accessions used in this study

From: Genetic transformation of western clover (Trifolium occidentale D. E. Coombe.) as a model for functional genomics and transgene introgression in clonal pasture legume species

Accession Collection site Location Fertility* Use in this study
AZ4270 Cornwall England SF Shoot regeneration/ Transformation
2 Skerries Ireland SF Shoot regeneration
4 Bull Island Ireland SF Shoot regeneration
6 Kilmore Quay Ireland SF Shoot regeneration
9 St Helens Ireland SF Shoot regeneration
12 Mayon Cliff England SF Shoot regeneration
15 Mullion Cliff (Cornwall) England SF Shoot regeneration
18 Le Guilvinec France SF Shoot regeneration
24 Lampaul-Plouarzel (Brittany) France SF Shoot regeneration
25 Point du Corson (Brittany) France SF Shoot regeneration
28 Dunes St Marguerite (Brittany) France SF Shoot regeneration
30 Flamanville (Normandy) France SF Shoot regeneration
32 Leca da Palmeira Portugal SF Transformation
34 Villa Cha Portugal SF Transformation
36 Costelo do neiva Portugal SF Transformation
37 Carreco Portugal SF Transformation
38 Saxian Spain SF Transformation
39 Cabo Silleiro (Baredo) Spain SF Transformation
41 Cabo de Corrubedo lighthouse Spain SF Transformation
43 Punta louro lighthouse Spain SF Transformation
44 Praia de Larino Spain SI Transformation
45 Faro de Finisterra Spain SI Transformation
48 Faro de Cabo village Spain SI Transformation
49 Camarinas Spain SI Transformation
52 Beo Peninsula Spain SI Transformation
53 Punta Frouxeira lighthouse Spain SI Transformation
54 Punta Frouxeira beach Spain SI Transformation
59 Playa de San Antolin Spain SF Transformation
  1. *SI and SF indicate self-incompatible or self-fertile respectively.