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Table 1 Stability of chlorophyll a and chlorophyllide a after extraction with pure acetone

From: Simple extraction methods that prevent the artifactual conversion of chlorophyll to chlorophyllide during pigment isolation from leaf samples

  0 day 1 day
Time Chlide a Chl a Chlide a Chl a
(min) (nmol/gFW) (nmol/gFW) (nmol/gFW) (nmol/gFW)
0 9 1284 9 1317
  5 1107 7 1167
  8 1338 6 1340
6 211 979 203 983
  191 1249 203 1329
  168 1052 171 1081
  1. Mature Arabidopsis leaves (7th - 9th leaves counting from the bottom of the 4-week-old plants) were treated with 50 μM MeJA and were kept in complete darkness for 3 days. Chlorophyll was extracted by immersing leaves in pure acetone as it is described in the “Time-course experiments” subsection of the Methods section. “Time” indicates the incubation time at room temperature. After removing the residual leaf tissue by centrifugation, the extracts were incubated for 24 hours at room temperature. Each line represents a single experiment with an extract from a single leaf, and experiments were repeated three times in the same conditions. Values represent chlorophyllide a or chlorophyll a concentrations per gram fresh weight of leaves. Chl a, chlorophyll a. Chlide a, chlorophyllide a.