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Figure 3

From: An UPLC-MS/MS method for highly sensitive high-throughput analysis of phytohormones in plant tissues

Figure 3

Extraction protocol (A) and recoveries of SA (B), ABA (C) and JA (D) in flow-through (blue), wash (red), acetonitrile elution (green), isopropanol elution (violet), alkaline elution (sky-blue) and acidic elution (orange) fractions observed after loading of a standard mixture containing 19.8 mg/L of SA, ABA and JA (100 μL) on solid phase material of different specificity: Chromabond C18ec (I), Strata C18-E (II), Spec C18 AR (III), Chromabond HR-X (IV), OASIS HLB (V), Bond Elut PLEXA (VI), Strata X-AW30u (VII), OASIS WAX (VIII), Chromabond HR-XAW (IX), OASIS MCX (X), OASIS WCX (XI). Measurements were performed in triplicates.

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