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Table 2 Comparison of methods to assess powdery mildew infection

From: Rapid quantification of plant-powdery mildew interactions by qPCR and conidiospore counts

  Macroscopic categorization Host cell entry counts Conidiophore counts Hyphal area quantification qPCR Conidia counts
Assay type semi-quantitative quantitative quantitative quantitative quantitative quantitative
Staining required? no yes yes yes no no
Microscopy required? no yes (hundreds of interaction sites) yes (multiple colonies) yes (multiple colonies) no yes
Stage of patho-genesis scored late (conidiation) early (host cell entry) late (conidiation) early to late (host cell entry to conidiation) middle to late (hyphal expansion to conidiation) late (conidiation)
Importance of equal inoculation density high (no normalization) low (internal normalization) low (internal normalization) low (internal normalization) low (internal normalization) medium (averaging effect of scoring multiple plants at once)
Suitable for high-throughput analysis yes no no no yes yes
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