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Figure 4

From: FSTVAL: a new web tool to validate bulk flanking sequence tags

Figure 4

Identification of Tos17- insertion mutants. The genomic structures of insertion alleles were determined by FSTVAL analysis in which boxes, bold lines, asterisks, and triangles indicate exons, intron, start codons (ATG), and Tos17, respectively. Scale bar represents DNA length for each gene. The arrow and arrowhead indicate gene specific primer pairs from genomic DNA and 3Tos primers at 239 bp downstream from the 3’ end of Tos17, respectively. Genomic DNA was isolated from the leaf of Tos17 insertion lines for PCR analysis. The PCR product size from wild type was approximately 1 kb, which is 240 bp smaller than that from Tos17 insertion lines. W/W wild type, T/W heterozygous for Tos17 insertion line, T/T homozygous for Tos17 insertion line.

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