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Table 1 Effect of pretreatment with opening buffer (OB) on stomatal aperture in all Arabidopsis lines Col-0, nia1nia2 , QC3, QL3, kc1-3, syp121, syp121ox, and dhar1-3

From: Protocol: optimised electrophyiological analysis of intact guard cells from Arabidopsis

  Average of 8 lines Col-0 nia1nia2 QC3
Aperture (μm) Control Pretreatment Control Pretreatment Control Pretreatment Control Pretreatment
2.95±0.04 (150) 3.22±0.09* (99) 3.05±0.07 (79) 3.55±0.15** (39) 2.41±0.11 (12) 2.87±0.09* (58) 3.12±0.09 (46) 3.63±0.15** (15)
Ianion experiments 2.89±0.06 (84) 3.48±0.09** (74) 2.89±0.06 (28) 3.45±0.13** (30) 2.47±0.11 (23) 3.00±0.12** (25) 3.17±0.09 (33) 3.83±0.16** (19)
  1. Data are means ± SE of (n) experiments.
  2. * P < 0.05; **P < 0.01 as compared with control. Arabidopsis lines and mutants as indicated: the nitrate reductase null mutant nia1-1/nia2-5 (nia1/nia2) [58,59] and ABA-receptor quadruple mutant pyr1/pyl1/pyl2/pyl4 (QC3 and QL3) [60], the vesicle trafficking mutant syp121 (=syr1/pen1) and the syp121 ox over expression line [53], the dehydroascobate reductase mutant (dhar1-3) [62], and K+ channel mutant kc1-2 [53]. All lines were in the Arabidopsis Columbia-0 (Col-0) background except QL3, which was in the Landsberg (Ler) background.
  3. NOTE : Stomatal apertures were measured in epidermal peels of young leaves from three to five weeks old Arabidopsis plants. All operations were carried out on an Axiovert 135 fitted with Nomarski Differential Interference Contrast optics and an AxioCam digital camera system (Zeiss, Jena, Germany). All measurements were conducted in continuous flowing solutions. For measurements of apertures, 8–12 stomata were selected and their images recorded at 5-min intervals for subsequent analysis using Image J v.1.42 () . Apertures and dimensions of impaled guard cells were determined using a calibrated eyepiece micrometer and cell volumes calculated assuming a spheroid geometry.