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Table 4 List of confirmed mutation site

From: Targeted parallel sequencing of large genetically-defined genomic regions for identifying mutations in Arabidopsis

Mutant Position Base change Annotation Chr
  2,849,685 A→C intergenic III
nis1 2,954,586 G→A W→Stop III
  3,007,742 C→G N→K III
  3,113,098 G→A R→H III
  3,114,003 G→T D→Y III
  3,147,629 G→A L→F III
  4,851,838 C→T Q→E V
  4,979,060 C→T intergenic V
  4,984,678 C→T intergenic V
nis2 5,016,518 C→T R→H V
  5,020,510 C→T intron V
  5,355,232 C→T 3'UTR V
ncr1 14,208,479 G→A R→Stop II
  14,427,587 G→A intergenic II
  1. Chr: Chromosome