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Figure 8

From: Xylem sap collection and extraction methodologies to determine in vivo concentrations of ABA and its bound forms by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS)

Figure 8

Relative leaf (a), xylem sap (b) and root (c) ABA concentration of the ABA-deficient tomato mutants used in this study where 1 is the concentration reported for the respective WT plants. Data re-plotted from [26] (A), [27] (B), [28] (C), [29] (D), [30] (F) [31] (G), [25] (H), [5] (I) and the current study (J) where hollow and filled circles represent mutants in the AC and RR background respectively. Mean data are plotted (without error bars) except where ABA concentrations were measured on more than one occasion or with more than one treatment. Data in a-c are used to calculate the means ± SE shown in d-f.

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