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Figure 4

From: In planta assays involving epigenetically silenced genes reveal inhibition of cytosine methylation by genistein

Figure 4

Effects of genistein on reactivation of the transcriptionally silenced GFP gene in N. benthamiana plants. Real-time RT-PCR was conducted to analyze the mRNA levels of the GFP gene in plants treated with genistein (10 μM or 50 μM), 5-azaC (20 μM) and TSA (2 μM). The mRNA levels were quantified relative to the mRNA level of the actin gene. Data for four or five individuals for each treatment are shown. The value for one of the control plants grown in a medium with no supplement ('Media alone') was set at 1. The data represent the means and standard errors obtained from three replicates. Statistic analysis was done using Bonferroni/Dunn test. Means that are indicated by asterisk are significantly different from those of all the five plants grown in a medium with no supplement (P < 0.05). A representative image of plants for each treatment is shown below the chart. Fluorescence was analyzed using a long-pass filter that allows detection of autofluorescence of chloroplasts colored in red.

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