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Figure 6

From: Protocol: high throughput silica-based purification of RNA from Arabidopsis seedlings in a 96-well format

Figure 6

Seedlings can be stored in RNA later for 10 months prior to RNA extraction. RNA was extracted using the automated HTP procedure from seedlings collected in RNAlater and processed immediately (minimal storage, n = 96) and from seedlings stored for 10 months at -20°C (n = 48) or 4°C (n = 48). Data are presented as: A: The mean RNA concentration (ng/μl) per well of a 96 well plate ± SD. ** p < 0.01 two-tailed, unequal variance t-test. B: NanoDrop spectrometry scans of three representative samples. C: Electropherograms from bioanalyzer analysis of the same three representative samples.

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