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Figure 1

From: A simple and efficient micrografting method for stably transformed Nicotiana attenuata plants to examine shoot-root signaling

Figure 1

Micrografting in Nicotiana spp. (A) Schematic representation of micrografting. Graft A/B possesses scions from plant genotype A (black) fused to rootstocks from plant genotype B (white) and vice versa for graft B/A. (B) Pictures from right to left: one-week-old seedling of N. attenuata immediately after grafting; detail of junction portion of the hypocotyl marked in the black square on picture on the right; same seedling five days after grafting. Bars represent 500 μm. (C) Micrografting success rate for different Nicotiana species. N. clevelandii, n = 50; N. attenuata, N. benthamiana, N. obtusifolia and N. quadrivalvis, n = 100.

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