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Figure 9

From: A pair of new BAC and BIBAC vectors that facilitate BAC/BIBAC library construction and intact large genomic DNA insert exchange

Figure 9

Stability test for maize B73 BIBAC clones in Agrobacterium : indirect method. DNA samples from the maize B73 BIBAC clones A and B that contain inserts of approximately 95 kb and 20 kb (lanes 1 and 22), respectively, were transferred into Agrobacterium EHA105 and were cultured for 96 hours at 28°C. DNA prepared from the Agrobacterium cultures was transferred back into E. coli, and DNA samples from randomly selected single colonies (lanes 2-21 and 23-41, respectively) were analyzed using Not I and were separated on CHEF gels. The molecular weight marker is Midrange I (New England Biolabs).

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