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Figure 5

From: A pair of new BAC and BIBAC vectors that facilitate BAC/BIBAC library construction and intact large genomic DNA insert exchange

Figure 5

Transfer of intact BAC inserts into the BIBAC-S vector using I- Sce I. Two BAC clones with inserts of 100 kb (lane 1) and 50 kb (lane 22) were randomly selected from a maize Mo17 BAC library that was constructed using the pIndigoBAC536-S vector. DNA samples were digested with I-Sce I and were ligated to the BIBAC-S vector prepared with I-Sce I from the composite BIBAC vector pHZAUBIBAC1. The ligation products were used to transform E. coli DH10B competent cells. DNA samples from twenty randomly selected colonies for each ligation were analyzed with I-Sce I (lanes 2-21 and 23-42, respectively). The molecular weight marker is Midrange I (New England Biolabs).

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