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Figure 4

From: A pair of new BAC and BIBAC vectors that facilitate BAC/BIBAC library construction and intact large genomic DNA insert exchange

Figure 4

DNA analysis of randomly selected clones from the maize B73 BIBAC library, which was constructed using the BIBAC-S vector, by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis. DNA samples were prepared from 12 randomly selected BIBAC clones. The same set of DNA samples was digested with I-Sce I (left lanes 1-12) and Not I (right lanes 1-12) and was separated on a 1% agarose CHEF gel with a ramp pulse time of 5-15 s at 6 V/cm at 14°C in 0.5 × TBE buffer for 16 h. The molecular weight marker is Midrange I (New England Biolabs). The common 23.2-kb band is the vector BIBAC-S.

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