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Table 1 Arabidopsis thaliana mutants used in this study.

From: Combining multivariate analysis and monosaccharide composition modeling to identify plant cell wall variations by Fourier Transform Near Infrared spectroscopy

Mutant Phenotype Mutated gene Background Reference
irx10-L non-discernible At5g61840 Col-0 [35, 36]
irx14 irregular xylem, xylan-deficiency At4g36890 Col-0 [33]
rsw1 primary cell wall cellulose deficiency At4g32410 (AtCesA1) Col-0 [34]
arad1 pectic arabinan deficiency At2g35100 qrt [32]
xgd1-1 xylogalacturonan deficiency At5g33290 qrt [31]