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Figure 2

From: Visualization of plant viral suppressor silencing activity in intact leaf lamina by quantitative fluorescent imaging

Figure 2

Comparison of GFP expression detectable by immunoblots and the imaging system. (A) Identical leaf areas were used to detect and directly compare transient GFP expression in non-transgenic N. benthamiana by immunoblots and the imaging system (IVIS) at 3 dpi (top) and 8 dpi (bottom), respectively. The control samples in the first two lanes show GFP detected in non-transgenic (WT) and GFP-transgenic N. benthamiana (16c). For each time point, three leaf samples agroinoculated on the same leaf with pBinGFP/pBin (-) and pBinGFP/pBinHCPro (+) are shown. Below each immunoblot sample the magnified pixelated leaf region of the identical sample as measured by the imaging system is shown indicating the average efficiency of GFP expression. Grey pixels indicate complete silencing of the transiently expressed GFP. (B) The average efficiency of GFP expression at 3 (n = 8) and 8 dpi (n = 9) in pBinGFP/pBin (-HC-Pro) and pBinGFP/pBinHCPro (+HC-Pro) agroinfiltrated leaf patches of non-transgenic N. benthamiana as measured in the imaging system. The average x-fold increases between patches with and without HC-Pro are indicated.

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