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Table 1 Hormonal mutations introgressed into cv. Micro-Tom

From: Convergence of developmental mutants into a single tomato model system: 'Micro-Tom' as an effective toolkit for plant development research

Mutant Hormonal classa Effect/Gene function Origin Reference
diageotropica (dgt) Auxin Low sensitivity. Defect in a cyclophilin biosynthesis gene (a putative signal transduction component) LA1529 cv. unknown [14]
Never ripe (Nr) Ethylene Low sensitivity. Defective for an ethylene receptor LA0162 cv. Pearson [17]
epinastic (epi) Ethylene Ethylene overproduction. Unknown gene function LA2089 cv. VFN8 [16]
sitiens (sit) ABA ABA deficiency. Defective for ABA-aldehyde oxidase LA0574 cv. Rheinlands Ruhm [26]
flacca (flc) ABA ABA deficiency. Defective for maturation of ABA-aldehyde oxidase Mo cofactor LA0673 cv. Rheinlands Ruhm [26]
notabilis (not) ABA ABA deficiency. Defective for NCED (carotenoid cleavage enzyme). LA0617 cv. Lukulus [27]
gibberellin deficient 1 (gib1) GA GA deficiency. Defective for ent-copalyl diphosphate synthase (CPS) LA2893 cv. Moneymaker [21]
gibberellin deficient 2 (gib2) GA GA deficiency. Defective for conversion of ent-7α-hydroxykaurenoic acid to GA12-aldehyde LA2894 cv. Moneymaker [21]
gibberellin deficien t3 (gib3) GA GA deficiency. Defective for ent-kaurene synthase (KS) LA2895 cv. Moneymaker [21]
procera (pro) GA Constitutive response. Contains a point mutation in a gene that converts the VHVID putative DNA-binding domain of the tomato DELLA gene into VHEID LA0565 cv. Condine Red [19]
curl 3 (cu3) BR Decreased sensitivity. Defective for BR receptor (LeBRI1) found in S. pimpinellifolium LA2398 wild species [24]
dumpy (dpy) BR BR deficiency. Probably defective in the conversion of 6-deoxocatasterone to 6-deoxoteasterone LA0811 cv. unknown [23]
  1. a ABA = abscisic acid; GA = gibberellin; BR = brassinosteroid.