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Figure 2

From: Convergence of developmental mutants into a single tomato model system: 'Micro-Tom' as an effective toolkit for plant development research

Figure 2

Phenotype of photomorphogenic mutants introgressed into cv. Micro-Tom. (A) au, MT and hp1 seedlings grown in the dark (left) or light (right). Note that in the dark, the three genotypes do not differ in hypocotyl length, however, in the light, au appears etiolated and hp1 shows higher de-etiolation than MT. (B) Reduced plant size and dark fruits in hp1. (C) Etiolation in au in the light leads to taller and chlorotic plants. The length of the pipette tip is 8 cm. (D) Anthocyanin accumulation and dark-green pigmentation in hp2 leaves. (E) Anthocyanin accumulation in light-grown hp1 hypocotyls. (F) Increased pigmentation in Ip fruits. (G) Increased pigmentation in hp1 leaves. (H) Increased pigmentation in hp1 fruits is stronger than in Ip (F). (I) Anthocyanin accumulation in atv stems. (J) Absence of visible anthocyanin pigmentation in MT shoots. (K) Decreased chlorophyll pigmentation in both au and yg2 makes the double mutant au yg2 almost albino and lethal (plants usually die before the second pair of true leaves). See Table 2 for a detailed description of gene functions of photomorphogenic mutants.

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