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Figure 3

From: Rapid expression of transgenes driven by seed-specific constructs in leaf tissue: DHA production

Figure 3

Typical seed storage protein promoter expression in leaf. A. Nicotiana benthamiana leaf transformed with Agrobacterium strains carrying the individual constructs 35S:P19, FP1:GFP and 35S:LEC2 (left side of leaf only) with the seed-specific FP1-driven GFP observed only in the presence of 35S:LEC2. B. Western blot of N. benthamiana leaf assays, upper panel showing specific bands for GFP at 30 kDa and lower panel showing non-specific background bands from the same exposure indicative of equal loading between samples. Lane 1: wildtype leaf; Lane 2: 35S:P19 + 35S:LEC2; Lane 3: 35S:P19 + FP1:GFP (Fig. 3A, right); Lane 4: 35S:P19 + 35S:LEC2 + FP1:GFP (Fig. 3A, left).

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