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Figure 3

From: Proposal for field sampling of plants and processing in the lab for environmental metabolic fingerprinting

Figure 3

Solvent effects on metabolite extraction efficiency. Venn diagram of the results of extractions with either 100% methanol (10.1 w, 580 metabolites), 3:1 (31.1 w, 602 metabolites) or 2:1 (21.1 w, 605 metabolites) or 1:1 (11.1 w, 649 metabolites) methanol:dichloromethane. Leaf material of Plantago lanceolata was ground in the respective solvent mixtures once and remained therein for 1 week until further extraction at room temperature. Phase separation by addition of water was initiated after the second and third extraction step and aqueous supernatants pooled. 442 metabolites were found in every sample. For details of extraction see legend of Table 3.

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